Designer Discussion: A Q&A with Jennifer Willis

Lauren Heather Design Studio would not be the same without our leading lady, Jennifer Willis. Jennifer has combined her degrees in Interior Design and Art History to develop an incredible eye for design. To properly introduce our incredible lead designer, we decided to sit down with her for a quick Q&A.

Leading Lady

Lauren Heather Design Studio:What led you to a career in interior design? Was there anything in your childhood that hinted towards the career you have?

Jennifer Willis:Looking back on my childhood, I would rearrange my room or move the furniture around in the living room while my mom was at work. I guess that was a hint of what was to come. As I got older, I was drawn to art and anything creative. My mind felt awake when I was around those things.

LHDS: If you weren’t a designer, what would you be?

JW: If I wasn’t a designer, I have two other careers that would be a tossup on which I would choose as they are very different. One would be an art history professor. I remember my professors and their true love of teaching others about art. The second option is a dog walker/dog rescuer. I would get to be outside and I would be with dogs, which would bring me happiness!

LHDS: What do you like most about being a designer? What inspires you?

JW: I love when my clients are thrilled with their home. I like when they walk in for the first time and feel that their home was designed just for them.

Passion for the Process

LHDS:What is your favorite part about the design process?

JW:My favorite part is when a house is towards the end of the building process – the cabinets are in, the tile has been installed and the rooms are painted. I get to see everything that has been planned on paper start to come together in its true form.

LHDS: What is your favorite style of design? Do you have a signature style?

JW: I don’t know that I have a specific style that is my favorite. I love mixtures of old and new. I don’t have a signature style, but, my dream house would be would be an inviting, modern design with cozy, modern furniture and a few antique pieces.

Do you love her as much as we do yet?? We are beyond thrilled to have Jennifer as part of our team. Stay tuned for more information about Lauren Heather Design Studio and all that it has to offer!