Meet Our Namesake + Synergy Starter

Lauren Rubio, the namesake of LHDS, graduated cum laude from Wake Forest University where she majored in both Communication and Spanish. Following graduation, Lauren went on to work in orthopedic medical device sales, working for both a Fortune 500 company and a start-up. Working in medicine taught her many life lessons: the blessing of good health, the gift of innovation and most importantly, the power of a positive impact. She left healthcare with hopes of (finally) following her lifelong passion for design, creativity and all things pretty. Lauren and her husband, Justin, currently live in Charlotte, NC where they can be found constantly working on their own fixer-upper and loving on their adorable labradoodle, Celie.

Being at LHDS is the culmination of a lifelong passion for creativity, an affinity towards beautiful spaces, and ultimately, the decision to trust my intuition. As it goes with most matters in life (and design!), follow your gut.  

Meet Our Lead Designer + Superpowers

Jennifer Willis¬†has over 16 years of experience in residential and commercial interior design. Her combined degrees of Interior Design and Art History give her an exclusive view on the design industry. Even as a child, Jennifer loved design – she would rearrange her bedroom or move furniture around the living room while her mom was away at work. Jennifer currently lives in Atlanta, GA where she can keep close tabs on all of the latest and greatest in the design industry. When she’s not designing, you can find her taking Vita on her morning walks through downtown Atlanta or planning her next world travels.

I love combining texture and different types of materials to give interest to a very simple design.