Top 4 Ways to Make Your Home Festive for the Holidays

Celie in the snow

Celie enjoying the snow!

In Charlotte this weekend, we woke up to a lovely winter wonderland with fluffy white snow covering everything in sight. While I found the view serene and oh so gorgeous, I was a little disappointed with the timing. I had hoped to use the day to finish up my Christmas shopping and decorations, but mother nature obviously had other plans! Along with the snow storm came an unexpected loss of power, and my husband, dog and I found ourselves forced to stay inside our very cold house with no lights nor heat.

Yet, here I sat feeling more “Christmasy” than ever before. Sure, the house was eerily quiet (I never quite knew how LOUD power actually made a home) and quite cold, but it was a sweet and serene day. Without the distraction of the TV and internet, today has been full of long walks in the snow, reading books by the fire and tree, and cozying up (under three blankets) on the couch.  And then it hit me…this right here feels like Christmas…being together, the simplicity of a fire, the beauty of a Christmas tree, and slowing down long enough to actually be present.

How to Make Your Home Christmas-Ready:

  1. Add some greenery. A tree. A strand of simple garland. A wreath on the door. Strands of eucalyptus with red berries in a vase. Bringing in nature by including little pops of greenery around Christmas Treeyour home instantly feels like Christmas.
  2. Lighting. While I love a dramatic lighting scheme outside, you do not have to go all out to make an impact with lights. A little bit goes a long way. Adding tea light candles inside mercury glass votives throughout the home creates a beautiful, festive ambiance. Twinkly copper string lights on a strand of garland atop the fireplace is super simple yet feels elegant and festive.
  3. Cozy blankets. December is chilly, and the more cozy throws and blankets atop sofas and chairs, the better. Adding a winter white throw by the Christmas tree makes the room feel warm and inviting.
  4. A Christmas smell. Smell is the sense most strongly linked to memory. There’s a reason why a certain smell takes us right back to a certain special memory. For me, Christmas has always had a scent. Bring back those childhood memories by lighting a yummy candle, placing sticks of cinnamon around the house, or go all out and bake some chocolate chip cookies. Santa will be most grateful!

Wishing you a Merry Christmas,