Thinking Outside the Box: Why You Need Window Boxes ????

Window boxes are a tried and true way to add pops of color to your home’s exterior. They add a finishing touch to the design of the home in a fun and inviting way. I recently came across some window boxes in both Charlotte and Charleston and they were so gorgeous! Bright blooms and seas of evergreen leaves are must-haves no matter what season it is! 

Put the Fun in Functional ????

Window boxes are a great way to save space and, contrary to their name, you can place them anywhere you want – it doesn’t have to be a window. They also look great displayed on your patio or hanging over a balcony railing.

“To plant, or not to plant: that is the question.” ????

Never fear! Even as the seasons change, you can keep your window box in tip top shape. Evergreens, perennials or annuals can be changed out each year to keep things fresh. For bright blossoms year round, find what will work best for your area and don’t be afraid to play around with color!