Top 3 Reasons You Need an Interior Designer


  • There are many moving parts to building a home. One change may affect 15 other selections you’ve already made.
  • For example, A designer has the knowledge of what is affected if a tile is chosen that isn’t the standard depth. They know that the subfloor may have to be lowered to accommodate the tile and keep a smooth transition from one floor to the next. They also know who on the team needs to be notified of the change, and what other steps may need to be taken.
  • An experienced designer knows the ins and outs of the process. All of the minute details that go into building and finishing your home and the timing for each piece.
  • Keeping all of the details in order can be a juggling act but a good designer should not be just organized, but overly organized. They should be so organized that someone unfamiliar with the job could come in, look at their information and pick up where they left off.


  • Communication is key
  • It takes more than 1 person to build a home. So, having a designer who works well with the team and can communicate efficiently and knowledgeably is a must.
  • For example, your designer will know that if you switch from a standard toilet seat to a fancy remote-controlled bidet seat that warms you up and plays your favorite tunes he/she needs to notify the plumbing vendor, the project manager, the plumber, and the electrician. Don’t expect the plumber to do the electrical work for the fancy plumbing.
  • The designer also has the knowledge and vocabulary to present changes or discuss details with the team. This ensures that when an idea is clear and can me discussed with the team efficiently.


  • In my years of experience, I think this is what my clients struggle with the most during the building process.
  • Many, many parts and details go into making a home. Keeping the image of the project as a whole, while focusing on 1 detail can be taxing.
  • When a designer makes a selection for your home they consider all of the details around this one selection. How will this affect the feel of the room? Does this work with the lighting and tile? Does it work with the entire home or is it something that will be obviously out of place?
  • A designer is also able to make most if not all of the selections up front and present them as a whole idea. When a home builder makes selections on their own they don’t have this benefit. They have to go to different showrooms to each part of the home, which makes it difficult to remember the home as a whole.